A diverse range of groups are helping us to make devolution a success. They include voluntary and community organisations, social enterprises as well as carers and health and care workers. We’ve captured this mutual commitment in what we call our ‘charters’ and ‘memos of understanding’ (MoUs).

Health and Social Care MoU

In this agreement, we've set out how we'll manage our new health and social care responsibilities following devolution. We've made this commitment alongside Greater Manchester local authorities, Greater Manchester clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and NHS England.


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Public Health MoU

We’ve partnered with Public Health England and NHS England to unite our efforts for a healthier Greater Manchester. By leading together, we'll make sure care is in the right places and help more people to keep well.


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Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise sector MoU

Our health services and local authorities now work with the voluntary community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector as equal partners. We're supporting this ground-breaking five-year agreement with a million-pound investment from our transformation fund.


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Pharmaceutical sector MoU

We formed the Greater Manchester and Pharmaceutical Industry Partnership Group to improve access to medicines. Through this, we can develop a world-leading site for research and find new treatments for patients.


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Royal College of General Practitioners MoU

We're working with the Royal College of General Practitioners (GPs) to improve general practice. This means making sure people get the care they need close to home. The Royal College will help us to identify things that are working well – and share these to the benefit of people across the region. It will also support practices that are finding it difficult to meet demand, and provide peer mentoring schemes.


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Carers Charter

We've committed to working better together, and to the same standards, to support the role of carers in Greater Manchester. Our priorities include access to health checks and employment support for carers.


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Estates (health and social care buildings) MoU

Our estates agreement is about better managing our health and social care buildings across the region. We want to make the best use of our hospitals, general practices and other clinical buildings – so we can provide better joined-up care on people’s doorsteps.


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Sport England MoU

Being active has enormous physical and social benefits, especially for people who go from doing nothing to doing something. Through our agreement with Sport England, we’re able to share research, experience and skills across various health projects.


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Health Innovation Manchester MoU

Thanks to devolution, we’re able to introduce bigger changes much quicker than before. Our Health Innovation Manchester partnership combines outstanding academic research with efficient industry. This means we can speed up the development of new treatments and get them to patients sooner.


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Healthwatch MoU

We've agreed how to best involve our ten local Healthwatch groups in our plans. We've also brought these independent 'patient champions' closer together so they can combine their efforts and make the most of their resources. 


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