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Greater Manchester residents urged to take action as new official figures show one death a day directly caused by alcohol

Health leaders in Greater Manchester have urged local residents to have their say and help tackle the impacts of alcohol after new national figures released today show the city region has one of the highest alcohol death rates in the country.
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Greater Manchester reaches out to employers to support their working carers

On Friday 30th November to coincide with Carers Rights Day, Greater Manchester has launched a Working Carer Toolkit for Employers.
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Invented in Salford: the paperweight armband set to change thousands of lives in Greater Manchester

Up to 40,000 older people across Greater Manchester are set to benefit from an ingeniously simple new way of detecting malnutrition in the over 65s. The ‘paperweight armband’, first conceived in Salford three years ago, can instantly detect potentially dangerous signs of malnutrition particularly in older people.


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After struggling with alcohol a Salford resident is using his experience to help others

The latest statistics from Public Health England show rates of alcohol-specific hospital admissions and mortality are significantly higher across all 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester than the national average.
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Helping people lead healthier lives: Greater Manchester’s Pharmacy Health Champions

More than 90% of Greater Manchester pharmacies are now accredited as Healthy Living Pharmacies (HLP), committed to actively promoting wellbeing and helping people to lead healthier lives.
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How a Salford resident benefited from treatment at home instead of being taken to hospital

Salford’s Urgent Care team are working with the North West Ambulance service to safely support people in their own homes who urgently need treatment. Here’s one resident’s experience of receiving treatment without the need to go to hospital.