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Everyone in Greater Manchester has a part to play in improving our health and wellbeing. Devolution is giving us a unique opportunity to work together, to listen more and to act on the needs of the 2.8 million people living and working in our region.

Public meetings

As our Partnership board meetings are open to the public, you can find out where and when they are, who’s attending and what’s going to be talked about. You can also download papers from previous meetings for the latest updates on our devolution plans.

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Greater Manchester Devolution Difference

Over the last few months we’ve been holding health and care devolution difference events across Greater Manchester to share the difference devolution makes in our communities. These events highlight local achievements over the last two years that have been started, or accelerated, by our ability to use devolved powers and ways working to do things differently - helping local people live happier, healthier lives.

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Have your say

Tell us what you think of the devolution plans in your area, or how changes to health and social care services may be affecting you. Whether you have a bright idea or just want to share some feedback, we’re all ears.

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Surveys & consultations

We’re all shaping local services. In fact, many people have already had a say in our plans for change – from the 500 residents and 17 organisations who responded to a consultation in Stockport, to the 6,000 people who took part in our Taking Charge Together survey.

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Want some devolution materials?

We’ve put all of our videos and leaflets that explain devolution into one place, so you can fuel the conversation in your workplace, community or social network.

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